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Our team apply superb craftsmanship and vehicle conversion skills to a range of standard production cars, MPV’s and vans for public and private sector fleets. Whether it’s a one-off specialist conversion or a fleet conversion of 500, we have the capability to manage both.

The core focus of the workshop is Emergency Service Vehicles. If you are looking for overt or covert response vehicles, command and control vans or trucks, rescue vehicles or any other unique or mass produced conversion then we have it covered.

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Light Bars

External Lighting

Internal Lighting

Light bars for emergency vehicles

Our light bars for emergency vehicles provide a powerful lighting solution. They are designed to be extremely flexible and can be adapted to any environment, making them ideal for emergency situations. The light bars are made with high quality materials and have a range of adjustable settings which allow first responders to customize the brightness, color, and pattern of the lights.

External lighting for vehicles

Emergency service providers have a variety of lighting needs, and custom solutions can meet these needs better than traditional systems. One of the biggest advantages of custom lighting solutions is their flexibility. Emergency service providers often need to adapt their lighting to match the specific environment in which they are working. Traditional lighting systems are not always able to meet this need, but custom solutions can be tailored to fit any situation. This flexibility can be critical in emergency situations, where every second counts.

Durable interior lighting for all situations

Durable interior vehicle lighting for emergency vehicles is a necessity for many reasons. The most important reason being safety. When responding to an emergency, it is critical that all responders are able to see clearly. In addition to safety, durability is another key factor in choosing the right emergency lighting solution.

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We have a unique ability to exceed every expectation, and meet your projects goals on time.


We are a dedicated team with years of experience working in the industry.


Our team has worked on 100’s of successful deployments across every sector


We pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions for every situation.

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